About Annette Boreham

Annette's first experience of dog ownership which was to change her life forever was with the Dog Rescue when she adopted her first dog, a German Shepherd puppy who she named Sasha.

Over the years, Annette has expanded her knowledge and experience with a City and Guilds qualification in Canine Studies which encompasses health, welfare, first aid, breeding, kennelling and behavioural resolutions.

An inspirational teacher of 25 years experience with dogs, Annette is a qualified dog training instructor, a canine behaviourist and a Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (M.B.I.P.D.T Advanced.)

In recent years Annette has attended workshops covering obedience, working trials, working gun dogs, heel work to music, agility, assistance dogs as well as all areas of canine behaviour and training methods.

On a personal level, Annette has competed at a high level with her own dogs in the show ring and at competitive obedience.

Annette has also worked with breeders of Spaniels and Terriers and has a vast knowledge of these as well as large breed dogs in a variety of environments

She has a motivational philosophy empowering owners to achieve an in depth understanding of their dog and thus gaining a good solid relationship between owner and canine companion.